The Corona Diaries – Day 261

As the days shorten – less than two weeks to the winter solstice – and the light dims, we are in the midst of a cold spell. We set off in a misty morning fog to take a walk up my hill. Wrapped up well it wasn’t too bad. At least it wasn’t raining.

Back home I was playing Disraeli Gears by Cream. A great album. The sort of cheery thing you need on your 261st day of isolation.

I did some editing, read a little and did some chores.

It is amazing how quickly time passes. I think that because there are not the usual landmarks, and you time falls into a familiar pattern, there is nothing to look back on. It’s all the same.

I’m finding it becoming monotonous and boring. I want to get out there, travel and meet up with friends! I’m dying for a gig or two, the cinema, theatre and restaurant. This is mind numbing.

It’s also stunting my creativity. I’m finding it difficult to summon up enthusiasm or focus!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the populist imbeciles are all active.

As the USA jumps to another record 220,225 new cases yesterday and 2597 deaths yesterday, the orange fool continues to drool and rant about the election.

9/11 killed 2606 people. It was terrible! It caused worldwide news. It altered everything. It sparked wars.

The USA is having that number every day! Yesterday’s 2597 deaths was just short of 9/11 by 9 people. Yet the President is happy for it to go on and is not encouraging people to distance and wear masks. He’s totally unfazed by this scandalous level of deaths.

He’s putting his backing to a crazy Texas appeal to the Supreme Cour, which, like all his other lawsuits, is unfounded and going to burn. Insane.

People from Trumpworld are jumping ship and finding it hard to get employed. Trump is toxic. The ripping of babies from their mothers at the mexican border is haunting all of them. Even republican employers don’t want to be tarnished with Trump’s madness and callousness.

i hope Bill Pascrell gets to sue him over his tax evasion and business deals. He should be accountable for his dealings.

Over here we have our invisible clown is busy messing up Brexit. Our lockdown has stabilised the numbers at 12,281 new cases but deaths have shot up to 599.

What a world.

Stay safe.

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