The Corona Diaries – Day 256

It was meant to be raining all day but it cleared up in the morning and that enabled me to get out for my two-hour walk. I had just returned when it started raining again.

Returning home I set about editing. My friend Rog put out the Beatles ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’. That got me listening to Revolver. What a superb album.

Out In Coronaland it’s up and down. Following Thanksgiving, predictably, the virus is going berserk. A record 184,280 new cases, hospitals overwhelmed and a gigantic 2857 deaths. I wonder how many idiots still think it’s a hoax? I also wonder when people are going to wake up to the fact that wearing a mask and social distancing isn’t some Deep State plot or UnAmerican communist plot, but plain common sense! Some people are stupid.

Despite this unfolding tragedy President Trump is completely silent – no advice, no sympathy, no strategy – just let the losers die!! Nothing to worry about. Lockdown – you must be joking.

In the UK the lockdown has stabilised the situation. We still had 14,878 new cases though and another 414 deaths. Still not good!

Brazil is taking off again – another 50,434 new cases and 755 deaths. Pretty bad for a ‘little flu’.

Meanwhile, in the sane countries, where strategies are clear and work, New Zealand has no new cases and Vietnam just 3.

The vaccine arrived in the UK today and will start to be administered on Tuesday! First step towards normality. The big debate is who will get it. They are doing it by age (the highest risk factor) but there is talk that teachers and ethnic minorities should move up the list to stop the spread and because of greater risk. A good argument to make for both.

We are just a few weeks away from Christmas. Students are moving around the country. They’ll be a lot of virus circulating. I’m expecting a huge surge!

This world-beating moonshot is proving a dud. The speedy tests are proving so inaccurate – up to 50% of Covid cases missed – that they could be implicated in spreading the disease. People getting the all-clear might relax their guard and spread the virus. Another world-beating disaster!

We’ve not heard much about our world-beating Track and Trace system. Useless pillocks!!

The antivaxxer conspiracies are circulating. I’ve had internet contacts telling me about surveillance chips, slavery and such crap. The stupid things people believe. I can’t wait to get a shot and be safe! I do not want to fizzle out with pnuemonia on a ventilator thanks!! Give me a shot or two!!

Stay safe. Normality is coming.

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