One day xenophobia

will begin to rust.

People will smile

and help each other

And fall about in lust.

They’ll make the world a better place

Solve every problem — just

And hate and war

And nastiness

Will become



OPHER 11.5.98

I believe a person’s life is like a stone thrown into a pond. It generates ripples.

Those ripples can be a force for good

Or they can be a force for evil.

We swim in the ripples we all create.

Some people’s lives barely brush the surface

While others generate huge tidal waves that sweep history along

If there are enough of us our waves build together in harmony.

I aim to make as many ripples as I can with my short life

My waves may be small but they lap out against everyone and spark other ripples

They can become as big as tsunamis and carry all before them

Our ripples build the zeitgeist in which we all are formed;

All of us are moulded but

Some help form the mould.

Together we can change the world for the better.

Here – I throw another pebble in.

See the ripples spread?

Here – share my pebbles.

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