Gorillas, whales and baby seals

Rhinos, Elephants and quail

Defiant in the undergrowth

We have blasted them to hell

Forests, land and water

Air, us and sea swell

A job that’s well worth doing

For the pleasure or the sell

Caged, tortured, maimed

Hunted, poked, impaled

Badgered to extinction

Even bugs are not doing well

Why take the time to do it slow

Why not get it over quick?

Put life out of its misery

Kill the planet

Don’t leave it sick!

Opher 16.10.98

As a child I climbed the trees, paddled in the ponds and streams and lost myself in the world of nature.

The jam-jars were full of newts and tadpoles. A pit down the garden teemed with frogs, toads, snakes and slow-worms.

There were aquaria of caterpillars and all the mice, guinea pigs and rabbits a boy could love.

Somewhere across the seas I knew there were jungles teeming with gorillas, tigers and rhinos. All I knew back then was that I wanted to be living in among them.

Between now and then the world has changed. Pesticides have robbed the ditches and ponds of amphibians, tarmac has stolen the grass-snakes homes and insecticides have thinned the butterflies to a scant flurry.

Across the seas it is even worse as the jungles are systematically chopped, animals hacked and driven away and nature is on the run.

The cruelty, thoughtlessness and suffering distress me. We are creating a plastic planet with no room left for the creatures I adore.

The 7 billion of us cannot even leave room for 500 tigers.

The future looks horrifying. There are times when you think – ‘Just get it over with!’

16 thoughts on “Poetry – ALL FUCKED

  1. Yes, within a generation or two, humans will monopolize almost all the biomass available. The only large animals that are currently extant are the particularly hardy or clever ones.

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