Poetry – Across the bounds of reason

Across the bounds of reason

From here in my head to your eyes

Across the bounds of reason

Is a leap of imagination.

Between us lies the universe

A tangled web of conjecture

With reasoned insinuation.

From here to there is too far

To be sure of anything

Least of all substantiation.

And from here to here is too near

To form an opinion

When all life is just infatuation.

What I see may be as it seems

Or just one of my dreams

Without seams to separate me from the gleam

That streams

From your eyes

Across the enormity of size

Despite it all we may yet be real

With time stood still

In a smile

Opher  8.12.96

We all live in universes within our own heads. Nobody knows what goes on inside that world; nobody can be sure that the colours are true or the symbols we use convey the same meaning.

I have my philosophy and who can ever understand?

We try to communicate between the polyverses of our existence. Reason tells us that we must fall short.

Our consciousnesses are islands; our words are semaphore messages across a void.

Poems are written in Morse Code with rhythm and rhyme to make the journey sweeter.

Even our own perception of reality is partial and subjective. We do not even see the universe we inhabit. I am in love with the mystical force of celestial magnificence. I cannot convey it.

Yet communication is all we have, and we love and reach out with sight and touch to taste each other’s worlds.

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