The Corona Diaries – Day 246

I was in zoom meetings all morning so I took my walk later in the afternoon. It’s a different kind of experience to that in the summer. There aren’t the same number of animals or flowers but it still has a beauty. Nature always has a trick or two up her sleeve.

On my way back I climbed back up to the top of my hill to be met with the most brilliant display. The whole Western sky was lit up with a fluorescent orange glow. A whole half the sky. Awesome.

There were some flecks of rain and to the East there was a double rainbow.

I stood and soaked it in. Now that glow and all the colours of those rainbows are in me!

As I walked along the road I had this bright orange sky on my right and these rainbows on my left. It felt like I walking along a corridor through two of nature’s wonders! Fabulous. It really gave me a lift!

By the time I had reached the bottom of the hill the glow had receded to pinks, mauves and clouds etched with bright orange margins as if someone had traced the outlines with a fluorescent pen!

Back at home I’ve been playing Howlin’ Wolf (and got told to turn it down) and editing my poetry books.

Out in Coronaland not much has changed. Trump is beginning to concede. He’s allowing the transition team to start up. But the new cases are still eye-wateringly high – 178,945 new cases yesterday with another 1035 deaths. I think that if the people won’t vote for him he’s happy for them to die! He’s out on the golf course. Unbothered.

In the UK the numbers are beginning to go down – but were still 15,450 new cases yesterday with 206 deaths!

Compared to New Zealand, with 1 new case and 0 deaths, or Vietnam with 4 new cases and no deaths, it shows just how badly the USA and UK are doing. Elect clowns and you get ineptitude!!

Our lazy PM failed to attend the meeting of the four nations – couldn’t be bothered! He’s as lazy as Trump! So they have decided to relax the rules for Christmas!! Wow!!

All meet up and have a great time and then bury your grandparents a few weeks later!! Great idea!!

I reckon Johnson knows that nobody is taking any notice of him any more. The loonies were going to meet up anyway! So he made it official in order to get the plaudits!!

We’ll see how that works out!!

I wonder who is going to get the vaccine first? The most vulnerable?? The key workers?? Or the politicians??

I also wonder how many are not going to have it?? They’d rather get Covid I suppose – and will do! Good luck to them!

So, stay safe, avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas, and stay safe!! Not long now. Don’t do a Wilfred Owen!!

7 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 246

  1. Heh, heh. An orange glow in the sky. You might call it “orange man burning,” but others might call it “orange man fighting back.” There are supporters of both theories; more than a bit like catholicism and protestantism, I suggest. Two factions of the same idiocy.

    I too saw bright orange on my towpath walk today; on the the way back, about 3pm, straight into the sun! I very nearly collided with two people coming the other way. I couldn’t see them until they were within a step or so of me. Fortunately, their autopilots worked.

    Oh and by the way, you are far too kind to Johnson.

    1. Aaaah – the Orange Order! The orange man is definitely drowning in his own stupidity.
      That pesky sun is very low – a bit of a problem! Soon be the shortest day.
      I don’t mean to be kind to Johnson. I’ll try harder!

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