The Corona Diaries – Day 244

I took an early walk today. I wish I’d taken my camera, the light was superb. The low sun through a haze of bands of light cloud, a twilight orange, silhouettes and shadows. An early morning mist. All very atmospheric.

You’ll just have to manage with my words.

Autumn is moving into winter. The gnarled trees bare against the heavens. The birds flitting.

Back home I’ve been playing my James Varda – he was so good. So tragic that he died so young – and a really nice guy.

I’ve finished my editing of my Harper book. I’m giving it a rest for a couple of days and then I’ll reread it before the editor chief takes over. So, today I was working on my poetry books. All being well I should have them knocked into a shambles in a few days.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness goes on and on as our insane politicians continue their power struggles.

Trump is running out of options as court after court chuck out his absurd allegations. Sooner or later he is going to have to confront the fact that he lost. He was beaten fair and square – most sane Americans saw through what he really was and wanted shot of him – a repugnant human being.

The sooner he is gone the sooner the USA regains a bit of morality.

Trump presides over another 171,980 new cases yesterday with another 1428 deaths. He has no shame. That is his leadership.

Take a look at New Zealand and Vietnam – ten new cases beteen them – no new deaths. That’s the way to do it. They still have their economies operating normally!!

In the UK dithering Johnson has put us in lockdown too late, following a summer of opening up too much. The lazy, inept fool doesn’t have a clue. Despite lockdown we still have 20,252 new cases and 340 more deaths. We’re vying with Bolsonaro with his 32,622 new cases and 376 deaths.

What a mess. Could we have done it any worse?

We’ve got out students locked in their rooms, a fifth of our schoolkids sent home and the promise that the public servants, the key workers, will pick up the bill.

The Tories hand out contracts to their chums. Tendering and fairness are obscene words. This is the time of nepotism and cronyism.

It’s called getting rich on misery!!

Never mind, the vaccine is coming!!

Stay safe!!

11 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 244

  1. Well Opher, today having walked down to my local lake I watched ducks doing what ducks do – ducking under water! Didn’t see any of them come up with a fish, though.

    I was amused by you saying you had your poetry “knocked into a shambles.” Down here, “shambles” means chaos and confusion. Did you really mean that?

    But I disagree when you talk of “our insane politicians.” They are indeed insane, but they aren’t my politicians. I haven’t voted for any of the major parties since 1987.

    1. Hi Neil – yes- all my poetry is a shambles. It takes time for me to create a shambles! That’s skill! Shambles means the same here! It’s something to aim for!
      I watched the crows and seagulls doing what crows and seagulls do.
      I’ve never voted for this extreme bunch of Eton Bullingdon boys. They sicken me – privilege gone wrong. But, whether we like it or not – these twerps are running the country. That’s why we’re in a mess.

      1. Seemingly 70% of Republicans have been thoroughly conned by Trump. They seem to believe every word that comes out of his mouth no matter how preposterous that might be.
        As you say – anyone could see that the elections were fair. He is not only a bad loser but is looking to cause the maximum amount of trouble that he can. Evil.

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