Poetry – Now they sit

Now they sit

Once upon a time the land was ruled

By a bunch of robber barons

Who took what they wanted by force –

A squalid set of felons.

With brutality, cruelty and murder

They terrified every woman, child and man

Built their castles and seized the land.

With sword and dagger they plundered

In an orgy of greed – a despicable band.

The tyrants and thieves terrorised

Taking the best for their own use.

Requisitioning land and taxing the poor,

Dealing out violence and abuse.

Gradually the majority exerted their power

And civilisation was brought into play.

But those Robber Barons still sat on the wealth

They had squirrelled away.

Using their money and through use of their power

They control us until this day.

A selfish elite of greedy exploiters

Who believe they deserve what comes their way.

Once they were slavers and factory bosses,

Keeping down pay

And never counting their losses.

Once they ran the empire

To extract all its wealth,

Creating wars and division

And ruling by stealth.

People believe they are a thing of the past

Long consigned to history,

But they still exist on the spoils of their crimes.

It’s no mystery.

Once they led the bestial hordes.

Now they sit in the House of Lords.

Opher – 17.6.2020

Down through the centuries the robber barons have ruled. Nothing changes. Their dynasties extend back into the days when they rampaged and slaughtered at will.

Now their ways are more subtle. They use privilege and wealth, corruption and connections, to ensure they have luxury.

They are still exploiting.

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