The Corona Diaries – Day 241

The wind had changed to a cold northerly with a cold wind but the sun shone from a blue sky as I took my walk. It hung low in the sky, even in the middle of the day, and caused me to squint and wish I’d brought a cap. Underfoot the ground was muddy and the carpet of leaves had turned to brown sludge, but it felt fresh and the air felt pure. All around me was nature. I breathed it in.

On the way back I found myself whistling some Bert Jansch and scrumped an apple.

Back home I continued editing.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, mayhem continues. Trump is stirring up trouble, refusing to concede, claiming the election was stolen, inflaming the fanatics and ignoring the terrible Covid situation. In the USA Covid is completely out of control – another 161,737 new cases and a staggering 1922 deaths. All Trump is interested in is undermining democracy, making futile attempts to cling on to power, and playing golf!

1922 deaths in one day!! Hospitals overwhelmed and medical staff worn out!!

Power and wealth are dangerous addictions!!

Here in the UK our new cases dipped slightly to 19,609 but deaths rose to 529. Lockdown is having a small effect but I don’t think too many people are taking it very seriously anymore. The Cummings effect!!

In Brazil – the other populist stronghold, there were another 756 deaths. In Vietnam and New Zealand no deaths at all – again!

There is political turmoil as they try to sort out what to do about Christmas. If they let people all congregate they know the rates will go through the roof. If they don’t there will be mass protests.

Ho Ho Ho.

Good news on the Oxford vaccine – it seems safe and effective on the elderly!!

They say it will all be over by Spring!! They just don’t say which year!

Stay safe everybody! Redemption is at hand!!

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