Poetry – The Last Post

The Last Post

They are playing the last post

As Cummings flees the ship.

After wreaking havoc,

Leaving us to clear up the shit.

The creepy little toad

Has been Johnson’s right-hand man

Now the country’s in the hands

Of the laziest man in the land.

The puppet master stalks away

Clutching his cardboard box.

Slinking out of Whitehall

Like a stinking, mangy fox.

The buffoon is left behind

A bewildered, bedraggled clown.

The captain of the ship

As the country’s going down.

Opher – 15.11.2020

Coming up with lying slogans to win elections was the slimy bastard’s trade. Having engineered results he set about creating mayhem. He drove all the reasonable men away creating the most extreme party of right-wingers the country has ever seen. His only interest was securing a no-deal Brexit at any costs. An extreme nationalist of the worst hue.

Governing was not important. There was a big enough majority to do anything.

Covid-19 was of no concern. Brexit was the only thing. He steered a hard line without compromise.

Johnson, the puppet, was just grateful to be in power. He didn’t care. Just left him to it. As he purged and lied.

Johnson’s strings were pulled and he was too lazy to be bothered. He was prevented from talking because he did not know what was going on and kept going off message. Cummings let him recite.

He deviously purged and pulled the crew to pieces. He placed his own people everywhere. It was a nationalist coup. The government, the civil service and the media were in his thrall while the blundered buffoon presided over chaos and disorder, bullying his way through.

Biden was his downfall.

Now, in lockdown, with 51,000 dead, with the worst hit economy in the G7, no deal with the USA, a swathe of broken promises, with Brexit looming, Cummings slinks away and the clown is left to pick up the pieces.

I wonder how long he will last?

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