The Corona Diaries – Day 229

Welcome to Isolation! The days are flowing by. It’s not too bad in here in isolation. We get by. There are good and bad things.

Here we are back in Lockdown – but this is lockdown light – not that any of it makes any difference. We cannot do a lot of things that we love doing. We can’t go to gigs, theatres or cinemas. We can see our family or friends. We can’t nip down the pub or go to the restaurant.

Thank heavens for nature, music and dramas. I’ve watched more dramas than I knew existed. Some good and some OK.

Thank heavens for telephones and walks.

Thank heavens for writing.

Today I’ve done some writing, listened to some music (Nick Harper) and I walked up my hill. This afternoon I watched the football. Life is still pretty hectic. I don’t have time to fit everything in!

But I’m suffering Lockdown fatigue!

This second lockdown is very different to the first. To start with, we’ve already decorated the whole house!

In general I think everybody has woken up to the fact that the government are a load of plonkers who don’t know what they are doing. Nobody is taking any notice of them any longer. We are sorting out what we think is safe. Some of their rules simply do not make biological sense!!

I weak a mask when shopping.

I socially distance.

I wash my hands.

I don’t ever go inside anywhere unless I have to. I only shop for essentials.

We don’t meet up with anybody unless outside, distanced.

We exercise each day.

That’s about it

Out in Coronaland:

I’ve noticed that unlike the first lockdown nothing looks any different. The streets are just as packed as normal. The roads are full of cars.

We can meet up with a friend, we can go in bubbles, we can do click and collect. Schools and universities are open. Public toilets are open. Preschool kids don’t count.

In the UK there were another 23,287 new cases with 355 more deaths. Now, I don’t want to read too much in this but New Zealand had 2 new cases and no deaths and Vietnam had 1 new case and no deaths.

I would suggest that this is almost entirely due to the fact that we are led by a bunch of Bullingdon Boy nincompoops who can’t find their own bottoms!

Brazil has another 23,976 new cases – there, more proof – another populist moron who doesn’t have a clue.

The USA – another staggering record 132,797 new cases with 1223 deaths. More proof – another populist imbecile who couldn’t care less.

Total deaths in New Zealand – 25! Every Trump rally kills more than that!!

I’m just hoping that the vaccine comes quickly and is safe and effective. I’m hoping that in between we can have fast, simple tests that may help us gain control!!

Until then – Stay Safe!!

And Congratulations Joe Biden!!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 229

  1. Yes, some cause to celebrate and some relief but he has an uphill task in a divided nation. Yes, lockdown fatigue, and I miss the sunshine. Strangely our lockdown in Spain was quite rainy so am getting double dose. But we are enjoying walks and exploring new parks. Keep safe and well.

  2. Opher, I updated my (revised) “magic spreadsheets” today, and the results are most interesting.

    Four countries out of the 14 I’m looking at have managed to get the weekly case growth down to below zero. Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and (just) the UK. The UK trend seems to have been down since the middle of October. Which suggests the “tiered lockdowns” were already working, so the national level restrictions are unnecessary. I’ll give it another week before I try to publish anything.

    As to the USA, whichever side won, there were always going to be tears. Trump has behaved like a petulant child, but the Doomrats have plans to do far worse. This whole rigmarole has shown up “democracy” for the sham it is.

    1. Interesting Neil. Nobody can possibly be as bad as Trump. So glad that reason prevailed. The sooner we get started on sorting out the calamity that is befalling nature, the better.

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