The Corona Diaries – Day 220

As it has rained all day I’m putting off my walk until later! Instead I’ve been working on my book and playing some Pink Floyd. It’s kept me busy.

I’ve just finished reading Iain McEwan’s Machines Like Us. A great book. It certainly makes you think.

Out in Coronaland we have reached a critical stage as the government dithers and the tiers don’t work. Some real decisions and leadership are required. We’re not getting it though.

I’m reminded of Kangaroo Blues by Roy Harper – Confusion rains down on us all.

It seems to me that a modified lockdown is in order – work from home where possible, avoid public transport, only essential travel, no pubs, restaurants or entertainment, shield the vulnerable, keep schools, work and unis open though. Fully compensate the catering, hospitality, musicians, actresses and actors and all ancillaries etc.

Where’s the leadership???

Our rate of infection is now out of control – 24,700 new cases and 310 deaths.

In the States, it is looking dire. The one good thing is that the evil, divisive, Neo-Nazi promoting monstrosity is on the way out. His incompetence kills.

The USA now has another 81,181 new cases with 1016 deaths. Gross mismanagement and ignorance!!

Brazil is still going at 28,629 new cases with another 510 deaths.

The three populist fools are excelling themselves.

Oh – and Vietnam – 1 new case and no deaths. Do you think that is by chance??

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 220

  1. Opher, I’ve spent the last three days re-working my “magic spreadsheets” – and the spaghetti graphs and histograms that draw on their data – so I can update them much more easily as new data arrives. I’ve also re-worked my lockdown spreadsheet to include three further measures (testing availability, contact tracing, face covering), as well as being easier to update.

    I’ve been concentrating mainly on 14 European countries: Austria, Belgium , Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. The pattern I’m starting to see is that nothing governments do seems to make much if any difference; the virus just does what it does. But I’ll need to collect a lot more data before I can write another of my big reviews!

    1. That seems strange to me Neil. Viruses spread in very specific ways – direct contact, droplets, contact with surfaces. Masks, distancing and washing should have a marked effect. It seems to be working in places like China, Vietnam and Korea. Are you not picking up any indications? I’m surprised.

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