The Corona Diaries – Day 218

it’s a bit of a miserable day today – overcast, cold and drizzly. I managed a short walk before the rain set in and will go for another this evening to keep my fitness levels up!!

Apart from that I’ve been working on my Harper book and doing a bit of reading. I might even get a fire going for this evening!! Have a glass or two of wine and watch a drama.

Summer’s my month!! It seems a long way off.

Out in Coronaland the big news is that research shows that the virus antibodies diminish very quickly. That might indicate that vaccines will not be effective for long!

However, the T cells might still retain a memory and be effective so all is not lost. Our immune systems might still work. We might just need a booster every now and again (like with flu). I’m remaining positive!!

In the UK there were another 22,885 new cases (more than bloody Brazil – and they are run by a dork) with new hospital cases rising to 1,142 and deaths 102. It really does not look good!

Hey Mr Johnson – where-ever you’re hiding – a track and trace system sounds a good idea!! You know – one that actually works!! Dido Harding will get you a test result in a few days – Boots will do it in 20 minutes!! What the hell is going on??? Why the hell don’t you use the Health Service. They’re good at it. They are trained professionals! They get the job done. SERCO are always a waste of space.

You don’t happen to have friends or relatives working for SERCO do you?? You haven’t got shares??

I’m getting sick of this cronyism and nepotism. It’s getting as bad as the USA. It should be law to tender for all jobs.

In the USA the new cases are zooming to almost a new record with 74,323 new cases and another 534 deaths. Keep taking the bleach guys!! (Not!!)

In Brazil it is another 15,726 new cases with 263 more deaths.

I’m off for a walk in the dark, rain and cold!! It’s all about the right clothing – right?

Stay safe!!

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