The Corona Diaries – Day 210

Today got off to a bad start. I had yet another visit from a BT engineer to attempt to fix my internet (slow and intermittent). I think this is the eighth or ninth. It’s still not fixed. It seems that I need a new router now. It’s endless!

So while he was working away I played some John Martyn and then went for a walk. It was cloudy, a little breezy, with a chill in the air.

I worked on my Harper book.

Out there in Coronaland temperatures are rising, hate crime is on the increase. People are stressed and taking it out on other. A bit of good news it that the virus may have peaked in the university towns! But in general it is still rampant. Another 18,804 new cases today with 80 deaths. They have allowed it to get out of control – should not have lifted the lockdown in the North at the same time as the South. They are now predicting that Manchester intensive care will be swamped in a few weeks time. Not looking good.

The government is still not giving adequate compensation to the people kicked out of jobs by forced closures. Mayors are asking for proof that places like gyms are spreading the disease.

In the USA there was another 47,601 new cases and 368 deaths. I’m sure Trump thinks this is pretty good – world-beating.

In Brazil it is another 10,982 new cases with 230 deaths.

Let me see now – New Zealand – new cases 3 and deaths 0.

What do you put that down to then?

I know what I think.

Stay safe!!

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