The Corona Diaries – Day 208

Today was grey but not too cold. I walked up my hill and surveyed the landscape – a patchwork of fields, some crows and big heavy clouds. The leaves are changing colour and starting to fall. On the way home I kicked my way through them like a big kid.

I played some Who and did some work on my Harper book.

Truth is that I’m feeling a bit despondent. I was trying to remember what it was like 208 days ago before all the isolation started – the friends, gigs, theatre, cinema, meals, family, writing group. Life was really full. It was all go.

That has gone.

But it is the little things that get to me – the casual interaction. Brushing past people, shaking hands, giving a hug, being close – all without thinking. Now there is a constant risk calculation – am I too close? Facemasks? Did I touch? Sanitise? Everything poses a danger. I think that is what wears you down.

I think people, in general have become fatigued. Some are complacent, some fatalistic. Some don’t give a knack anymore.

There is confusion about what we are meant to be doing, who we can see and where we can go. There is a reluctance on many to comply. They are becoming very rebellious.

People know that this bunch of clowns are hopeless.

I think the local tier system would work if there were a number of issues sorted:

a. There were clear criteria that applied to everyone equally

b. The measures were strong enough to make a difference

c. There was adequate compensation for those affected

d. It was done in consultation rather than imposed

e. There was clear communication on why, how and the science

i don’t think these idiots are doing any of it properly.

I notice there is a vaccine hope for before Christmas (but with a limited supply so only the vulnerable would get it).

In the meantime the virus is starting to go berserk in the UK – 15,635 new cases reported yeserday and deaths are beginning to shoot up – 136 yesterday.

In the USA it is bad news for Trump with another big jump to almost record levels – 70,435 new cases and back to 909 deaths. It’s still out of control and Trump doesn’t have a clue.

Same in Brazil – up to 30,914 new cases again and deaths surge back up to 754.

The three populist stooges have unleashed a nightmare.

I think we’re heading for a lockdown, No Deal Brexit and economic devastation!!

I think it’s down to us!! Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 208

  1. Yikes. 208! In the beginning, we were asked to be careful for a few weeks, a month or two. But, all along, we were in for a multi-year ordeal. Epidemics have a course, altho maybe a good vaccine(s) will shorten it. People have to deal with things short-term. We stumble on. Yes, it’s getting on my nerves too.

    1. A vaccine looks a long way off and even if we get one it might not be effective. It could raise false hope. We might be with this for some considerable time. Not good for music, hospitality or friendship. Not good for families or kids.

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