Poetry – Who is this?

Who is this?


Who is this full of fake news?

Spreading misinformation to confuse?

Sowing division, with a short fuse?

A man who has never paid his dues?


Who is this who loves himself?

Who only cares about his wealth?

Puts global warming on the shelf?

And cares not about the planet’s health?


Who cosies up to the NRA?

To Putin and Kim – to our dismay?

To evangelists and the KKK?

And doesn’t want the BLM to have their say?


Who is this who loves his power?

Surrounded by an ignorant shower?

Always lived in his ivory tower?

Making gaffes and nonsense by the hour?


Who is this king of fools?

Who never follows any rules?

With an empty head and lack of tools?

Pampered and privileged at the best schools?


I think I know!


Opher – 15.8.2020

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