The Corona Diaries – Day 139

Our devious government says they will not be releasing data on new cases of Covid-19 or deaths. They claim the data is unreliable and has exaggerated the cases.

This is baloney!

If anything the data has greatly underestimated the number of deaths. The official figures say that 46,526 people have died. An estimate I read a month or so ago said that there had been 66,000 excess deaths. That’s a 20,000 discrepancy – at least!

This is part of the process of spin to try to make out that they have done a good job. They haven’t done a good job at all. They have been appalling – the worst in Europe.

Given that we are an island it should have been easier for us to contain the disease compared to mainland Europe. Why are we so much worse?

Why did we not act on the Cygnus Report?

Why was there no store of PPE for a pandemic?

Why was there no chemicals for testing?

Why was there no strategy?

Why did we not take heed of what was going on in China and then Europe and prepare?

Why did we not check/quarantine immigrants?

Why did we not stop flights from heavily infected places?

Why had we run down the NHS?

Why did our ‘hostile environment’ drive away doctors and nurses?

Why did the government panic and waste billions on useless equipment and PPE?

Why didn’t we lock down sooner?

Why did we not buy into the EU schemes for procurement of ventilators and PPE?

Why did we discharge untested people from hospitals into Care Homes?

Great job guys!

Captain Tom raised £33 million for the NHS.  The government wasted £150 million on 50 million useless facemasks that could not be used because they did not meet specifications.

Why were contracts given to the wrong firms? Was it nepotism? Corruption?

Smacks of nepotism, corruption, complacence and incompetence to me!

I found it interesting to read the EU report. It basically said that Europe (including the UK) got on top of the disease by locking down but since they have relaxed lockdown it is re-emerging and the only way to keep on top of it is through comprehensive testing and local lockdowns.

In the UK we are back up to 1062 new cases and we were down to 332.

The US is still running at 40,171 with 432 deaths.

Brazil is going at 22,048 new cases and 703 deaths.

It was also interesting to see that Russia claims to have a vaccine and Putin has given it to his daughter. He claims it’s been thoroughly tested and works but they will not release the data on the checks and tests.

I wonder how many of us will feel confident about using that then?

Today was another glorious day in Yorkshire with temperatures of 26/27 degrees.

We had an outside meal with friends and then I went for a walk up my hill!

At times it feels as if everything is right with the world! But then I wake up!

It is strange, because, by now, I was expecting the village to be full of cases with some deaths, but I haven’t heard of much at all. It’s almost as if there isn’t any pandemic. Perhaps it is one of Trump’s hoaxes?

Stay safe everybody.

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 139

  1. Hey Opher, those despicable trolls you mentioned earlier, the ones blighting the land…seems they’re hiding in the cabinet as well as under the mountains. Today, the UK has been confirmed to have the worst coronavirus death rate in the world, and the worst economic recession of any G7 country.

    Simply world-beating governance! BoJo must be so proud.

    Stay safe,


    1. Good to hear from you Dewin – and back writing! How’s life? Where are you working??
      Yes, the Tories are living up to their reputation. World-beating indeed. When will people rise out of their slumber?

  2. Thanks Opher. Having spent a little time off-line (busily supporting vulnerable family members shielding, and putting in-place more permanent arrangements locally for them) ’tis good to be returning to a more regular routine, and easing back into the inky-flow. All’s well and life is peachy. Work is what it is, but remains a welcome distraction all the same. I’m grateful to at least have a job!

    ‘…the Tories are living up to their reputation’ – indeed they are surpassing the very definition of mendacious. Their political ideology – rentier capitalism – is blatantly evident.

    The electorate had the chance to rid themselves of a Tory government last year. For whatever reason they chose not to do so. With Brexit as yet to drive the last nail into the U.K’s coffin, perhaps many will live (or die) regretting the choice they made.

    It doesn’t help that there is no effective opposition party holding the U.K Tory government to account. The whole political shebang is some sort of nightmarish pantomime from start to finish. And, to think we have four more years of tatty Tory governance. FFS!

    When will people rise-out of their slumber? Indeed when??


    1. It’s good to have you back! Glad you are raring to go!
      Politics is indeed a pantomime. Heaven knows when people are going to come to their senses!
      Worst performing country in terms of both deaths and the economy!! I bet they are glad they voted these jokers in. They’ll be even more glad when the furloughing ends and the real job losses hit and then again when Brexit hits and another set of jobs go! What a future we’ve got ahead of us! With four more years of these inept nutcases we will be a third world country!

  3. U-turns, obfuscation, improvisation…quite certainly the U.K Tory government are, and will prove to be, world-beating deflectors of blame for their political ineptitude and incompetent governance. Charlatans one and all.


  4. Ah, I see what they did there – they arbitrarily decided that a sizeable number of deaths, which had been previously reported as COVID, actually weren’t COVID at all. Thus, with a single bound, sending the UK down from third to sixth in the COVID deaths per million stakes. People are noticing these things, though.

    But does anyone really think that any of the other parties, if they were in power, would be any better? The problem isn’t just one party, it’s the whole political system.

    1. Very devious and unscrupulous. They do believe we are morons – but then, as is proven with the voting, most of us are.
      I think you are right – the political system needs a drastic overhaul – the problem is that it is not in their interests to do so – and they make the rules.

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