The Corona Diaries – Day 137

Living out here in a village all this pandemic seems far away. We do not appear to be surrounded by Covid-19 cases. It’s not quite like the days of the Black Death when the monks used to go around the streets with a handcart shouting out ‘Bring out your dead!’ so they could cart them off to the lime pits. It feels like we are in limbo. Every day I look at the figures – another 871 cases in the UK and 98 deaths (and going up). It does not seem many for the whole country. I wonder if it’s a waste of time staying isolated. The risk does not seem great. But then I look at the USA and Brazil with new cases in excess of 55,000 and deaths over a thousand a day and you realise how quickly this disease can get out of control.

In this modern age, we are not used to death. We have been spoilt. We have medical care and expect to live to a good age. Not so long ago people had a dozen kids and expected a number of them to die before they reached adulthood. Many people died young.

We are quite lucky with this Covid-19. It only kills about 2%. It could have been a virus that kills 90% or more. the bacterial Black Death wiped out 60% of the population and smallpox was similar – it killed 30% (300 million).

Thank heavens for vaccination and antibiotics. At least we don’t have those bacteria and viruses to contend with.

I wouldn’t want to get into the state that the US and Brazil are in – so I guess isolation and face masks are called for. We may have to get used to this for a long time.

Trump and Bolsonaro still seem to be in denial and are not encouraging the right measures.

Here Johnson makes pronouncements about schools but still provides no clue as to how this can happen. Our track and trace system staggers along.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, they have recorded a 100 days without the virus.

Couldn’t we do a deal and get a transfer of Prime Ministers like they do in football clubs? I’d take Jacinda Arden any day! How come the rest of us get lumbered with Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro???? Life’s not fair!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 137

  1. “Living out here in a village all this pandemic seems far away. We do not appear to be surrounded by Covid-19 cases. ….It feels like we are in limbo.” I really relate to this. I don’t feel so much in limbo as before, but going to a bar or restaurant isn’t as fun an experience as it used to be. I’ve also realised how much I read people’s lips to understand. Talking to someone in Portuguese who has a mask on is almost as hard as trying to understand on the telephone when the connection is bad. I also probably need to get my ears checked – all those years of school bells has taken its toll (hehe).

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