Youth Culture – Where’s it gone??

Where’s today’s youth culture?? Simon Cowell compliance? Where’s the music and passion??

Looking back on this video – there was passion (Bit too much aggression at times but …..)

10 thoughts on “Youth Culture – Where’s it gone??

  1. My theory is that the Milennials and Gen Z grew up watching American Idol so that’s what they thought pop music was. You can see the influence in almost every falsetto-laden pop act of modern day.

  2. I think there is still activism like this and since it’s something I am interested in I go out of my way to find music/books/films etc that are about change. I think the problem is that not enough people from the my generation and the generation below are interested in activism/protest etc. I had to go out of my way to find these things which is annoying because they should be more easily accessible and if more people cared they would be.

    1. So Pooj, speaking as one of the young people, do you think there is any cohesive youth culture at work these days (positive or negative)?

      1. Yes I think there is cohesive youth culture at work these days doing positive work but I just don’t think we’re doing enough. Not like in the 60’s/70’s.

      2. Me too. If we had more people it would be more visible but it seems like everyone is preoccupied with social media these days.

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