The Corona Diaries – Day 126

We are aware that we are beginning to make riskier decisions. We have met up with friends and family – albeit outside – having meals and take-aways – and going to hairdressers. But I reckon we are keeping the risks within boundaries. We are aware that the virus is out there. Today there were another 685 new cases and 19 deaths. It’s not going away. Scientists are talking of a second wave.

That second wave is just the first wave flaring up again as people become complacent and take risks. It would appear that the young are to blame. They have figured out that the risks are slight and even if they go down with the disease it is likely not to be serious. If I was young I’d probably be taking more risks too.  The trouble is that they then act as a reservoir for the disease and spread it the oldies (like us) who die!

In the States, it is maybe getting home to a few of the idiots. It was pleasing to note that the fool of a Republican congressman Gohmert from Texas, who refused to wear a mask and take it seriously, has now gone down with the disease. These morons are encouraging others to follow their stupidity. I wonder if he thinks it’s a Deep State hoax now?

Another 58540 of his compatriots also found out that it wasn’t a hoax or some Deep State plot and 1,144 paid for it with their lives.

Honestly, some people are gullible and ill-educated.

Speaking of morons – in Brazil, there were another 40,816 cases yesterday and 921 deaths. I hope the health workers do take Bolsonaro to court from crimes against humanity as they are proposing. Perhaps they could get a deal and do Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro at the same time?

I’m a bit knackered today. Went for a 10K walk and am chilling out to a bit of Lee Scratch Perry. I might do a bit of writing later.

Anyway, stay safe everybody! Avoid indoor spaces and remember to vote when you get the chance!

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