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The Corona Diaries – Day 57


Quite an eventful day today. Yesterday was a bit of a washout but today I feel much more positive.

I started by rewriting the introduction to Star. I hadn’t been happy with it before. I am a lot happier now. It gives me the impetus to press on with the edit.

I’ve been playing Little Richard Rock ‘n’ Roll all morning. It usually cheers me up but today it was sad. Another great star gone. There are only Don Everly and Jerry Lee Lewis left! A whole era gone!

Then we set out for a walk – all wrapped up against the wind and cold. Yesterday was T-shirt time. Today we were wrapped up in scarf, gloves, jackets and hats. The sky was cloudy and the wind tore at us.

We had gone about half a mile when Liz badly twisted her ankle. Fortunately we were on a stretch of the lane accessible by car so I went back and picked her up. It was very painful and swollen. We had a debate about hospital – not a good place to be with Corona virus around. In the end we rang our son the Nurse Practitioner. He advised putting it up with an ice-pack. Seems to be doing the trick.

So It looks like I’m chief cook today!

I set off again to complete my walk, watching seagulls swooping and wheelin’ in the gusts. That must be fun! The trees were roaring with the wind like an express train and the ground had a carpet of green leaves ripped from the hawthorn. It was pretty wild!

I heard of another friend of a friend’s death. Covid is causing mayhem. As the death toll approaches 32,000 Johnson is preparing to loosen the lockdown. We’ll hear tonight. Is it a political move? One born of public dissent and non-compliance? Or one based on sound science?

I know I won’t be mingling for a while yet!!

So Day 57 passes.

Stay Safe!! And keep out of trouble!!

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