The Corona Diaries – Day 57

Quite an eventful day today. Yesterday was a bit of a washout but today I feel much more positive.

I started by rewriting the introduction to Star. I hadn’t been happy with it before. I am a lot happier now. It gives me the impetus to press on with the edit.

I’ve been playing Little Richard Rock ‘n’ Roll all morning. It usually cheers me up but today it was sad. Another great star gone. There are only Don Everly and Jerry Lee Lewis left! A whole era gone!

Then we set out for a walk – all wrapped up against the wind and cold. Yesterday was T-shirt time. Today we were wrapped up in scarf, gloves, jackets and hats. The sky was cloudy and the wind tore at us.

We had gone about half a mile when Liz badly twisted her ankle. Fortunately we were on a stretch of the lane accessible by car so I went back and picked her up. It was very painful and swollen. We had a debate about hospital – not a good place to be with Corona virus around. In the end we rang our son the Nurse Practitioner. He advised putting it up with an ice-pack. Seems to be doing the trick.

So It looks like I’m chief cook today!

I set off again to complete my walk, watching seagulls swooping and wheelin’ in the gusts. That must be fun! The trees were roaring with the wind like an express train and the ground had a carpet of green leaves ripped from the hawthorn. It was pretty wild!

I heard of another friend of a friend’s death. Covid is causing mayhem. As the death toll approaches 32,000 Johnson is preparing to loosen the lockdown. We’ll hear tonight. Is it a political move? One born of public dissent and non-compliance? Or one based on sound science?

I know I won’t be mingling for a while yet!!

So Day 57 passes.

Stay Safe!! And keep out of trouble!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 57

  1. ‘Tis a fanciful idea but on the morning of the day Johnson is set to ‘ease’ lock-down – some firmly suggest her is being premature – the weather sours, temperatures fall, and the wind whines in protest. Me thinks Gaia is disquieted and wishes to keep us in our homes for a little longer yet.

    An independent public inquiry into the U.K government’s handling of the C-19 pandemic cannot come soon enough. The official figures presented by this government at its daily briefings is considered way off the actual total that some are suggesting could be as high as 70,000. It is a shocking indication of the level of despairing incompetence and utter complacency of the U.K government. I do not think they have followed scientific advice but will make every attempt to proportion blame for government’s failure on the scientific community.

    Ah, so today you are chief cook and bottle-washer. ‘Tis always good to keep your hand-in Opher πŸ˜‰ What’s cooking?


    1. Yes Gaia is howling! We shouldn’t ignore her. I’m definitely not.
      I think there will be a big reckoning to come when the dust has settled. There are far too many deaths for them to cover up their incompetence! It’ll all come out!
      I often do the cooking and always the washing up so it’s no big deal. Fortunately I had already planned a pasta dish with a tomato, garlic, onion and capsicum sauce! It was all prepared. All I have to do it heat it up!

      1. So you got off lightly with the dinner prep! Well, I guess as long as it tastes good, fills a hole, and compliments a glass of red, it’s a job well done none-the-less.

        Judgement Day for the U.K government: many will welcome that.


      2. It’s time we booted this miserable bunch of extreme populists into the long grass where they belong.

        I’ve made plenty and we’ve a few bottles – you’re welcome to drop by (as a suitable distance). I’m just off to grate the cheese and put it together!

      3. ‘It’s time we booted this miserable bunch of extreme populists into the long grass where they belong.’ – somehow I don’t think that’d be far enough. I’d give them a one-way ticket to the outer-reaches of space.

        Thanks for the invite. Would that be classed as essential travel? Could I perhaps plead hunger as my reason for travel? πŸ˜€ Cheese and black-pepper for me!


      4. Too late – like the greedy swine we are we ate it all!! It was delicious even if I say so myself! I think it was the carrots, celery and herbs that gave it extra bite!! Never mind. I can always cook up a special batch. I fogot to mention the bacon!!
        Of course it is essential travel!! Medical reasons!
        Outer space sounds about right to me!

  2. Good one on ya for being “chief cook and bottle washer.” My wife complains when I don’t cook, and complains about HER food. I don’t, it’s great food I didn’t have to cook. A couple of nights “off” and I’m back in the kitchen. Outer space? Sure. being exposed to a vacuum has its charms at the moment. LOL. Hang in there, opher, we’ve been locked down as long as you have. The upside has been discovering a violinist that comes out to play music around 6pm our time. Jazz standards a block north, and last couple of evenings a piper a couple of blocks south. Hoot, mon! Makes me want to throw a hammer at Trumpists.

    1. My three saving graces are the music, the fabulous walks around here (aided by exceptionally nice weather) and my writing. Without those I’d be climbing walls or eating and drinking non-stop.

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