Aldous Huxley – Time Must Have a Stop – 1944 – extract 2


Aldous Huxley – Time Must Have a Stop – 1944 – extract 2

This is another short extract from the novel ‘Time Must Have a Stop’ which Aldous wrote in 1944. It is also extremely revealing and still as pertinent today as it was seventy years ago – if not more so!

I completed a reread of this novel on the way back from London yesterday. It made me think.

He could be describing the hatreds, vengeance and continuing cruelty and bloodshed of the Middle East. Violence and atrocity breeds violence and atrocity. The hatred resounds down the centuries. The injustices are piled up in never ending heaps to fester down the centuries. Each new outrage is stored away for use when the opportunity arises.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Kuwait, Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, Islamic State, the USA, Britain and the rest. One after another in a plethora of inhumanity, bigotry and unending revenge.

Here’s what Aldous had to say way back in 1944:

‘And all those treasures of knowledge placed so unhesitatingly at the service of passion. All the genius and intelligence dedicated to the attempt to achieve ends either impossible or diabolic.’

‘All the problems inherited from from the last crusade and solved by methods that automatically created a hundred new problems. And each new problem would require a new crusade, would leave fresh problems for yet further crusades to solve and multiply in the same old way.’

14 thoughts on “Aldous Huxley – Time Must Have a Stop – 1944 – extract 2

  1. Hey Opher – a relevant and poignant post. Our world is in utter, cyclic disarray – ’tis the poison of power, profiteering at play.

    William Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar contains the line: “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.”

    Thought you might appreciate a bit of Iron Maiden (1) to accompany your post: ‘The Evil That Men Do’

    Hoping all is well,


    P.S: Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do – from 1988’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son –

    1. Hi Dewin – just been for a few days to my daughters – putting up a shed!!
      Back home now and back to writing!
      Yes it is cyclic – better times are round the corner!!
      There’s nowt like a bit of heavy metal to start the day – playing it now!

  2. Hey Opher – ‘Tis good to take a break and recharge the little grey cells. I too have just returned from travels and enjoyed every second of it…the southwest never ceases to please.

    Enjoy the tune! Rock on!


    1. Rock on indeed!
      I’ve been writing this morning but it is always difficult to pick up the threads after a break. Some 74 pages in. I have a better idea of how it will go. It is panning out.

  3. Hey Opher – I’m sure the course of the new book have been absentmindedly meandering through the recesses of your mind whilst you’ve been actively engaged elsewhere. Those panned ideas will prove to be nuggets.

    Write-on, write-on!


  4. Then one wonders if the destination remains the same Opher irrespective of the path travelled or if indeed it is the journey towards a goal that is, after-all, more important?

    Why not be like electricity and course a path of least resistance?


    1. Both water and electricity take that option – but neither mix well!
      It’s the journey that’s important and sometimes the stronger the resistance the more passionate one must become! The harder route can be more rewarding.

  5. Well then it appears to be a case of whatever suits one’s heart-felt perspective and objective the best.

    ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ ~ Leonardo da Vinci


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