So What Are You Happy With Oph?

So what are you happy with Oph?

I am happy to believe that humans are capable of using their intelligence for the good of all living creatures and themselves.

I am happy when I see people smiling, helping one another and caring for other living things.

I am happy when I hear of people opposing cruelty, conserving nature, and using their intelligence.

I am happy when I see beauty, hear beauty, taste beauty and touch beauty.

I am happy when I love and am loved.

I am happy when we are in harmony with the world.

I am an extremely tolerant easy going individual. I do not want everyone to think like me. I am appalled by the mess we have made in the world and I hold religion, politics and greed to be the worst culprits.

2 thoughts on “So What Are You Happy With Oph?

  1. I really did have a quite laugh to myself upon reading this. In particular the statement of being happy when people use their intelligence. I’d have to throw that one into the ring for some further debate and some truth scoring. I’ve seen it with my own eyes as my inbox will prove that on this here blog there have been frequent instances of and more than just a few, where when others have provided what read to me as very intelligently considered discourse in reply to some of your let’s say, less well considered statements, that you have deemed it necessary to delete their posts in their entirety like they never happened. I never for a second could consider such an action as being ‘intelligent’.
    Personally, were it my blog, I’d be extremely happy to be having people of such intelligent calibre on board in the first place. It’s ever so dull without such contributions. Please ask them back.

  2. I laughed at the claim to being an extremely tolerant and easy going individual. ???
    I’d like to know what drugs were swallowed shortly before espousing that claim.
    Still, it’s all good entertainment.
    But it’s not for me to suggest to any blogger that it’s always best to stick to what you know best. There’s obviously been far too many occasions where being out of one’s depth falls into play and it can’t be easy making pretenses whilst being out of that comfort zone. It’s all quite unnecessary.
    Perhaps by expectation I’m spoilt by others who are generally more focused and really have great analytical ability to dissect a topic and to promote considerably more active discussion. There again I would have difficultly making claim to them being extremely tolerant and easy going individuals also.

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