The Levellers at the Great British Folk Festival – Photos

The Levellers hit the stage to a great burst of lights and a supersonic noise level that instantly energised the audience into a great bouncing mass!! This was Folk/Punk about as far removed from finger-in-the-ear Folk as you could get. They rocked!!

With a faldy daldy diddle di po!!!

Here’s some photos:

9 thoughts on “The Levellers at the Great British Folk Festival – Photos

      1. I’ve seen some old cadillacs too this year: Paul McCartney, Johnny Rotten with PIL, Echo & The Bunnymen, OMD and tomorrow morning Eurostar to London (long time – 4 years or so – since I’ve been there) to see Primal Scream and have some good diners & pubs with the wife…

  1. There’s something retro about the way the lights work in the photos – complimenting the age of the band. I got to see the Levellers for my 50th birthday, but although they were the headliners, it was their support act – the Moulettes I went to see. I got a bonus 🙂

      1. Female singers in tight harmonies, folky, but quite unique, featuring bassoon. I think I heard of them through one of the members of Lady Maisery who are somewhat more traditional.

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