Jona Lewie at the Great British Folk Festival.

Well I was very interested to see Jona. I’m partial to a bit of Stiff and I’ve never seen him before. I was hoping there was more to him than two Pop single hits. Stiff was rarely wrong in the early days.

I was surprised.

What we got was unique. It was quirky, zany, mad, idiosyncratic, undefinable and weird.

Jona had a keyboard and then an accordion. I wouldn’t say he was an expert on either but then he probably didn’t need to be. The act was like no other. Somebody on the way out (after the third number) remarked that he’d seen better busking at Blackpool Tower and that it was more suited to a second-rate bar at three a.m.

Well I’ve never seen anyone quite like Jona busking or otherwise. I could not quite make up my mind if it was utter trash or so individual that it almost worked. He certainly was enthusiastic!

I can’t say that it was anything to do with Folk either!

Here’s a few photos.

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