Hull Songs Launch Concert

Liz and Opher, Dave

A brilliantly organised event. It ran like clockwork, was arranged to the last detail and hosted with warm congeniality. The eclectic range of brilliant acts was testament to the talent in Hull waiting to be tapped. This doesn’t all come together by chance. One look at Rich’s incredible photography around the room shows the genius on display. This was meticulously put together. Rich and Lou should be organising the City of Culture. They know how to do it!

Loudhailer UK

Thanks to everyone who made the HullSongs launch at Kardomah94 such a brilliant night. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and everybody was ace! The night featured a host of music, spoken word and film, from a dazzling selection of HullSongs storytellers to a packed house.


We opened the show with a song inspired by the River Hull and Humber Estuary and then enjoyed a fabulous range of eclectic performances from Opher Goodwin, Graham Brady, Vivian Querido, Jim Orwin, Andrew Tomlinson, Alyx Tamminen, Jeff Parsons, Catherine Scott, Katie Spencer, Graham Graham Beck and Redeye Feenix and crew – PlayaOne, Tony Reid and Dave. The evening featured songs and stories written especially for HullSongs, and all of them featured fascinating tales of experience and life in Hull. Some were moving and poignant, some nostalgic, some celebratory, even eccentric, and all of them were brilliant.

We were delighted with the response to the HullSongs exhibition displayed around the venue…

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