Reward for believing in the wrong god – Death!

al shabaab

Kenya -Religious intolerance marches on. Bigotry and arrogance rules.

Four masked religious fanatics callously lined up young students, selected out the ones who believed in the same god, and inhumanly shot the ones who believed in a different god.

They then started shooting people indiscriminately.

They killed 147 unarmed, defenceless students.

Is this what religious belief does to people’s minds?

My god is better than your god.

I will kill you because you do not believe in my god.

This is insanity based on mediaeval superstition. I am glad I am an antitheist. I believe all organised religions have blood on their hands. They are all about power and use indoctrination to entrap the gullible.

This was nothing to do with religion. It was a political act using religion as a means to an end.

Is the intent to stoke a war with Christians? An all-out war with the West?

Where is the peace, love, harmony and happiness? Islam means peace. Who could possibly believe any god would sanction this callous violence and murder?

Religion creates insane hatred. History is littered with the proof.

Why don’t we all work together – people of faith and no faith – to build a better world? Help build a positive zeitgeist!

6 thoughts on “Reward for believing in the wrong god – Death!

  1. The Jihad against the West and all non-Islamic territories began when it stormed out of Arabia in the 8th century.

    As the West declines, the Jihad will become more powerful.

    1. Violence, aggression and inhumanity is not my idea of what religion should be about.
      I believe in love, peace and tolerance.
      My vision of a future world is one of harmony, brotherhood and tolerance.
      This barbarity is not religion. It is political power.

      1. That is not completely true. There have been many examples where Islam has coexisted in peaceful harmony with other religions for long periods of time.
        We seem to be at a crossroad. We either reject the ideology of the fanatics who want war or go for peace. I believe believe that people of all faith and no faith can learn to live in harmony and tolerance to deal with the really important issues of overpopulation, inequality, poverty and global destruction. If we fail we go for spectacular conflict that will make the Second World War look like a picnic.
        You defeat religious fascism through education. Fanaticism is built on ignorance and inequality.
        Nobody ever wins from war. Everyone is a loser. It is only the insane who are intent on world domination for political or religious reasons who see it as viable.
        Religion will die as education reveals it has no substance. Freud described it as a mass psychosis. It’s certainly looking like it.
        I go for tolerance and harmony any day. War is the refuge of insanity.

      2. One last point – I do not know of any religion that has not had its share of violence, hatred and genocide. Even Buddhism has had its moments. No Christian, Hindu, Jew or Muslim can be proud of the record of their religion. The atrocities and revenge resound through the ages.

      3. Opher,

        You are blaming religion for the evil that men.

        Any group of people, anywhere at any time could be cited for behaving badly.

        In fact, civilization is not possible without religion. Try to name even one civilization that did not grow up around religion.

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