Education – the first word is FUN.

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The first word in any curriculum should be FUN. the first thing in any syllabus and the aim of every lesson should be FUN.

Forget your learning targets; the first task of any teacher is to connect with their students, inspire them, fill them with awe, wonder and excitement. A teacher needs to communicate their own love of their subject. A lesson is not a success because we have demonstrated the students have learnt something; it is only successful if the students leave the room buzzing with excitement.

I wanted my students to look forward to coming to my lesson and to approach my subject with anticipation.

The things we remember from our own schooling are not the boring, run-of-the-mill lessons, they are the eccentric teachers who captured our imagination, the fun trips, the exciting things.

Human beings love learning. Education should be fun.

This three part lesson, one-size-fits-all, teaching by numbers for tangible outcomes is strangling our teachers, creating boredom and suffocating flair.

Teaching should be FUN too!

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