Population and Ecology

Population and Ecology

I can give you seven billion reasons why there are shortly going to be no tigers, whales, gorillas, orang-o-tang or chimps!

I can give you seven billion reasons, rising soon to ten billion, why there will shortly be no people.

I can give you seven billion reasons, and rising steeply, why the forests are being chopped down, the seas overfished, the air full of shit, the resources extracted, the water polluted, the woodland built on, the……………………………………………………

I can give you seven billion reasons, and counting, why there will be one thin layer in the rocks containing the remains of us.

The thing is that a billion is too big a number for the human mind to conceive.

Our planet has only been here five billion years.

Life has only been around three billion years.

We have only been around two hundred thousand years.

Civilisation has only lasted four thousand years and we have already created this mess.

What has caused this is very simple: too many selfish, greedy individuals leading a mad rush to get hold of more. Too many religious fanatics who do not care what happens here as they are busy planning for a fictitious after-life.

The answer is easy: start using our intelligence, harnessing our science and technology and electing leaders who are not megalomaniacs, sociopaths or war-crazed paranoids. We deserve to be led by sane, pleasant, helpful, caring people.

The first thing we have to do is limit our numbers before we leave no room for all the other creatures.

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