Current Writing Project status.

This has been a great week for me.

  1. My Captain Beefheart book is out and already receiving loads of positive reviews. We’ll see how well it sells. I’m very optimistic.
  2. I completed the Bob Dylan in the 60s On Track: Every Album, Every Song. It has now been fully edited and I’ve probably reached the end of what I can do. I’m working on the back-cover blurb. That feels very satisfying.
  3. The Roy Harper and Nick Harper books are still selling.
  4. I am working on another poetry book and am about halfway through.
  5. I am thinking of compiling a book of my short stories. They are currently sitting on my computer festering.
  6. I have a Sci-Fi novel sitting in my head – the sequel to Pornography Wars. I must find some time and energy to get that written. I have characters, a beginning and an end. I need to work out the plot.
  7. Having completed the Bob Dylan book I am already casting around for the next rock act to work on. I will have a chat with my publisher.

That should be enough to keep me busy for a day or two!!

All the best