Kill to Liberate

Kill to Liberate

We come to liberate!

                But our brothers hate us!

Sent to save them;

                They abuse and bait us!

It’s not a war –

                A military manoeuvre!

Ridding neo-Nazis

                Could have gone smoother.

Ungrateful people

                Don’t want saving.

Call us fascists.

                Say we’re enslaving.

We’ve had to bomb them.

                Kill them, rape them!

That will teach them!

                We’ll liberate them!

Opher – 31.3.2022

Putin told us that this was merely a military manoeuvre to liberate the Ukrainian people from neo-Nazis enslavement.

He rapidly discovered that the Ukrainian people did not want ‘liberating’, indeed they saw the Russians as enslavers. The resistance was ferocious. The ungrateful population took up arms and fought the invaders off.

The Russian superpower proved to be impotent. They were killed by the thousand. Their tanks and planes were destroyed. The war rapidly turned into a disaster.

Frustrated, the Russians took to long-distance destruction of Ukrainian cities, to deliberately targeting women and children, to raping and killing.

Kill to liberate.

Kill to liberate.

War crimes galore!

Missiles and Bombs

Missiles and Bombs

Missiles and bombs

                Falling like rain

Soaking the cities           

                Dissolving to dust.

Soldiers and death

                Filling the graves.

Emptying homes

                Mocking the just.


                Upping the ante.

No end in sight.


And terror

An endless fight.

Saving face??

                No way out!

Existential threat?

                Brutal lout.

Opher – 23.3.2022

The Ukraine war is not going the way Putin had hoped. The liberator from the Nazi regime finds himself a fascist invader and figure of hate.

What was going to be a simple take-over has proved to be anything but. Instead of an incisive thrust Russia is in an existential crisis.

Nothing has gone to plan.

Death and destruction. We’re into a long war of contrition.

Putin is the rat trapped in the corner.

Echoes of History

Echoes of History

Echoes of history

                Louder every day,

Leaving hungry children

                                                Shivering in the dark.

Civilisation crumbles

                Into choking dust;

                                Houses into rubble.

                                                Missiles hit their mark.

Security an illusion

                While tyrants rule.

                                Ruining the future;

                                                Leaving choices stark.

Opher – 15.3.2021

It is incredibly disturbing to see Putin directing the destruction of a country.

Why do we do it?

We live in sophisticated cities with people working and playing, worrying about fashion and whether they can afford a better house or a new car. Every normal. Lives filled with trivia – the school run, the cinema, a trip out, planning holidays, shopping and cooking. Ordinary.

We live in countries where there are debates as to whether we can afford to repair potholes inroads or replace cladding on skyscrapers, to pay teachers and nurses a living wage, yet we can but multimillion pound tanks, missiles and aircraft.

On the whim of a despot we can turn whole cities into piles of rubble.

How many trillions wasted?

If a building collapses, trapping hundreds, it is a global catastrophe. Yet we can callously deliberately kill hundreds of thousands of women and children.

Civilisation is just a short holiday from carnage. Slaughter and destruction is the norm.

We are nasty little apes who pretend.

We are witnessing the reality of our nature. Humans are not very nice.



Every diamond is ripped by a flaw.

                Every house has a twisted front door.

Every DNA has a mutated gene.

                Every human being has a side unseen.

Every dream has a nightmare inside.

                When the flaw shows its face

                                There’s nowhere to hide.

When the game plays out

                The rules are put aside;

                                The doors are kicked in

                                                And terrors open wide.

Words and bullets,

                Missiles and bombs.

Lies and deception

                From computer roms.

Bodies in the street,

                Pawns in the game,

Power and status

                In the leader’s name.

When the flaw shows through

                In war’s unholy din

There’s no safe house;

                The nightmare begins.

Opher – 14.3.2022

I used to think that human beings are alright, that I could be friends with everyone, that if I was in need there would always be someone there to help me.

That is probably true for the most part.

But there is a flaw in human nature. It’s set in our DNA.

We get angry easily. We become violent. We mindlessly adhere to tribal views. We can be so cold, cruel and heartless.

Scratch beneath the surface and we can become horrid killers and torturers.

That flaw comes out in every race, every culture. It doesn’t take much. Religion, politics or fear can spark it off. Fear of the unknown, hatred towards strangers. We are suffused with racism, xenophobia and primitive tribalism.

It makes us nasty.

We attack each other on the merest of pretexts. We systematically, calculatedly kill and maim. We rape, torture and destroy and feel totally justified.

We ill-treat animals, play with them and enjoy inflicting agony.

We are hopelessly flawed.

The love, friendship and compassion cannot compensate enough. We are a danger to ourselves and all life on this planet.

The flaws are too big!

The Incredible cost of war!!

I was just trawling through the web trying to see what the losses and costs of the Ukraine war were.


 ‘According to a Nato official who spoke to NBC on condition of anonymity, up to 40,000 Russian troops were either killed, injured, had been captured or had disappeared. Between 7,000 and 15,000 are thought to have been killed, the officials said as he shared Nato’s latest intelligence assessment on the war in Ukraine.’

Losses of equipment:

TypeNumber destroyedUnit costTotal cost
Tanks647$3.7 million$2384 million
Planes77$30 million$2310 million
Artillery systems330$14.5 million$4785 million
Helicopters50£17 million£850 million
     $10,349 million

That’s without the cost of the missiles, shells, drones, bullets, fuel, trucks, bowsers and other equipment.

Just think what a difference that sort of money could have made?

The Iraq war cost the USA $1.922 trillion.

The Afghan war cost the USA $5.8 trillion.

No wonder so many of us are poor!!

We are utterly mad!! Instead of building a better world we are destroying it!!