Missiles and Bombs

Missiles and Bombs

Missiles and bombs

                Falling like rain

Soaking the cities           

                Dissolving to dust.

Soldiers and death

                Filling the graves.

Emptying homes

                Mocking the just.


                Upping the ante.

No end in sight.


And terror

An endless fight.

Saving face??

                No way out!

Existential threat?

                Brutal lout.

Opher – 23.3.2022

The Ukraine war is not going the way Putin had hoped. The liberator from the Nazi regime finds himself a fascist invader and figure of hate.

What was going to be a simple take-over has proved to be anything but. Instead of an incisive thrust Russia is in an existential crisis.

Nothing has gone to plan.

Death and destruction. We’re into a long war of contrition.

Putin is the rat trapped in the corner.

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