Poetry – You


When I wake in the morning

The air is sweet with dreams.

The light from the window is crystallised through diamond images of you.

I breathe you in through the pores in my skin;

The freshness

The brightness

Of you.

You are the colours of my world,

The scent upon my breeze,

The essence that binds all things together,

The hum within the leaves.

Nothing would be real without you.

I know that would be true.

If you were to leave

I would just drop through

And moulder in drab dungeons

Through an eternity of grey

Wallowing in emptiness

Through each and every day.

I have to have you near me

Nothing else will do:

Your scent, your colour

The wonder that is you.

Opher August 4th 1995


This is a poem to the mystical woman whose love holds the universe together and gives it meaning. She is not real; no goddess to be worshipped. She is the purpose in life, the muse and meaning.

The atoms are tiny particles floating in space. The distance between their nuclei is so vast that when two solids, with their zillions of atoms hit one another, there is no contact of solid against solid. Without the forces they produce around their nuclei solids would slide through each other; we would drop through the floor and slide through space.

Love gives life meaning and makes it real. Without love it is nothing.

This is also a love poem to my special person who has made my life so much more real and made me a better person.