Jonathan Pie – Strikes! He tells it like it is!!

He Doesn’t hold back!

The reason there are strikes is because the Tories have squandered Billions and Billions, giving it away to donors, squandering it on Track and Trace, wasting tens of billions on Brexit, billions on loans. So Mone can walk away with a cool £29 million for fuck all. Johnson can earn a million from 4 short speeches! yet there’s no money for the essential front-line staff!!

There’s plenty of money for Hancock’s landlord. There’s plenty of money for Cameron and Osborne! There’s £10 million a year for Boris Johnson – but there’s no money for nurses, teachers, posties, bin men, border staff, fire service, ambulance drivers, porters and the like.

They’ve had a dozen years of cuts, austerity and tax hikes! Twelve years of getting poorer! Now their electricity and gas are through the roof (while those companies make massive fortunes), their petrol is through the roof (while the oil companies are making billions), the cost of food is through the roof (while Brexit means that fruit is rotting). They can’t afford to heat their homes and eat.

Yet Boris Johnson, who foisted this bad Brexit on us costing the country hundreds of billions, goes off into the sunset in a gold coach. The greedy, lazy lying bastard!

Kwartang and Truss cost us billions and put our mortgages through the roof – I bet they aren’t having to turn their heating off!!

Union Busting is not going to work!

There are two ways of dealing with this wave of strikes.

  1. To sit down with the unions and listen to their genuine grievances then negotiate to find a way forward that addresses the problems these workers face.
  2. Ignore the problems altogether. Become belligerent and nasty. Treat the low-paid people like scum. Try to bring in legislation to crush the life out of them.

This government is made up of extreme right-wing Tories. They don’t give a toss about the plebs. They want them to work more for less to increase profits for their own.

They are happy to hand out billions to their chums to stash away in the Cayman Islands but not give £3000 to a nurse so she can eat and keep her kids warm.

Raging inequality, corruption and a decade or more of cuts and austerity (while giving handouts of millions to the rich) have created a perfect storm. Things are so bad. Pay is so low. People can no longer survive!

Chuck the bastards out!!