Thailand – Phuket – lunch by the side of the floating village.

We caught a taxi down from the giant Buddha and asked the driver to take us to his favourite place to eat!

We ended up in a little restaurant by the side of a lake. A little fishing community had a floating village in the middle of the lake. We had freshly fried fish curry caught straight out of that lake washed down with local beer. Fabulous.

Lunch on the Mekong Delta! Photos

We weaved our way up narrow tributaries, through banks of weeds, and stopped for lunch at a little restaurant on an island.

The food was fabulous and we were serenaded by a little Vietnamese combo. The fish meal, caught from the river, was decorated with little Vietnamese figures.

I went off for a wander over the island to try and get a few shots of the exotic birds and flowers. I also wanted to see more of the normal day to day life of the people who earned their living in the delta.