U-Turn for Liz and Kwasi!!

What have we got to show for twelve years of Tory rule??

A wrecked public services with schools, health and everything else in crisis.

Twelve years of austerity while the rich are getting richer and richer.

A disastrous Brexit that is making us all poor but putting millions into the pockets of profiteers.

A global reputation that is completely shot!

A suffering economy.

Higher prices for food and everything else.

An energy crisis with fat cats getting exceedingly rich while we freeze and pay exorbitant prices.

A care system in crisis.

Higher taxes than ever.

Shortages of labourers for fruit picking, the NHS, the Care sector, hospitality, HGV, and everywhere else.

A political system full of lies, sleaze, profiteering and greed.

A transport system that is too expensive to use and is on its knees.

A media that is a propaganda machine for these populist extremists posing as Tories.

Liz Truss was forced to do something about the cost of power. She had no choice.

She’s now been forced to stop borrowing huge sums to give to the rich!!