12 thoughts on “Selling the Future for a Vote!

  1. I disagree completely with Opher on the subject matter of this post. (Rosebank ought to be made a “strategic reserve” to get us through a bad winter). But I also agree with Pooja that politicians not being held accountable is a big, big part of the problems we face.

    Please read again the big, long article of mine that Opher linked to, and gave five sets of comments to, a few days ago. Non-accountability of those at the top is built into the system we are forced to live under! That has to change.

    1. Here we will fundamentally disagree I fear.
      At present we have a global crisis. The world is heating up. Whether we created that (which I am sure we did) or not is immaterial. For many reasons a warming planet is not good for our survival. We have to do something about. That something (until someone comes up with a viable alternative) is to reduce greenhouse gasses.
      We are lucky to have the technology to do this. Not only that but this technology is developing fast and falling dramnatically in price.
      Rosebank is a scheme designed to make money for wealthy people. It will not be a reserve to get us through hard times. It is already earmarked for sale on the world market. None of this will be used in the UK. They want it to bolster the economy so they can go on robbing.
      By putting more money into gas and oil we are deflecting from putting funding into renewables. Britain has the opportunity to be a world leader, to develop the technology and become a hub for the world. This, in the future, will be a hugely lucrative market. Developing better batteries, better wind, solar and tidal energy is going to be a massive industry. That is why the EU and USA are ploughing starter money into it.
      We are sending the wrong message and squandering an opportunity out of short-term greed and long-term stupidity.

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