Are the Electorate finally totally sick of Tory lies and broken promises??

Looks like it.

The latest opinion poll from YouGov has Labour 8 points ahead!


  • Labour 39%
  • Conservative 31%
  • Liberal Democrat 12%
  • SNP 5%
  • Green 7%
  • Reform UK 4%

The big surprise is that 31% still think this bunch of lying profiteers are worth voting for. Demonstrates the power of propaganda! The Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, Times and Sun must be very proud of themselves!

What we really need is a major change in the electoral system with PR so that nobody’s vote is ever wasted again. I’ve never in my life ever had a vote that counts!!

Right now, I’ll settle for getting this bunch of greedy, self-serving, entitled profiteers out. They’ve been plundering the country for far too long. If things carry on like this the Cayman Islands will soon sink under the weight of deposits made by the Tories and their wealthy patrons.

Let’s hope the population wakes up and that 31% goes down to the 5% that the Tory Party really serve.

This is a picture that gives a little hope:

Poetry – We’ve Been Fooled

We’ve Been Fooled

We’ve been fooled

                By years of peace

                                Where the rumble of war

Was distant;

                Where missiles and bombs

                                Fall on brown-skinned folk

                                                In lands that are poor.

We’ve been lulled

                Through days of prosperity

                                And calm,

                                                Distant from guts and gore,

Into believing

                That trade and civilisation

                                Are the new law,

And war was consigned

                To history;

                                A despicable artefact

                                                Never to darken our door,

Once more.

Opher – 21.4.2022

We’ve opened up the world and mixed with all people and cultures. We have discovered that we can get along with everyone. We are all the same.

We have united cultures and countries through commerce and travel.

The terrible wars always seem consigned to poor countries full of people who were not like us. It was terrible but distant.

It could never happen to us.

But have we underestimated the terrible human flaws – the paranoia, the greed, the lust for power and the fear?  

Was civilisation a band-aid over a gaping wound?

Have we underestimated the human propensity for violence and cruelty???

Poetry – One Day

One Day

One day life was normal.

                The next flung into fear.

One day our houses full

                Of things we hold dear.

Now the towns are scenes of death.

Invaders seek to steal our breath.

Our cities pounded into heaps of rubble.

We huddle in basements safe within our bubble.

One day life was normal.

Once we had a home.

Once our lives had meaning

Sweet as any poem.

One day life was normal.

                The next flung into fear.

One day our houses full

                Of things we hold dear.

It will rise again,

                Out of the ashes.

                                We will build again

                                                And heal the hideous gashes.

Opher – 21.4.2022

I’ve spent the whole of my life in the modern world without being touched by the terror of war.

The wars seemed to happen in other countries far away, to people who were not like me.

War seemed primitive, a relic of the past.

It felt that we had been up trade and relationship to such a level that war was inconceivable.

Then the Ukraine happened.