Poetry – Change


Walking on the soil. Breathing the air.

Dreaming the dreams.

Thinking the thoughts.

Watching the horrors.

Seeing the slaughter.

Hearing the screams.

Wishing for change.

Eating the food. Driving the cars.

Living the life.

Loving the life.

Shooting the children.

Chopping the trees.

Slaughtering the creatures

Not caring to change.

Opher 28.10.2018

It seems to me that there are many of us who see what’s going on, don’t like it and want things to change. There are many who are quite comfortable in their lives and are prepared to ignore the environmental devastation, war, poverty and exploitation just as long as their lives are fine.

The real problem is how to change it? How to motivate the complacent and uncaring?

You don’t get anything done by wishing.