Poetry – Change



That’s all it needs:

One slow revolution.

To replace

                The greedy

                                With the caring.

To replace

                The destroyers

                                With the builders.

To replace

                The selfish

                                With the altruistic.

They are the minority

                We are the many.

They are stronger

                But we are many.

They have the power

                But we are many.

Bit by bit,

                Person by person,

We can replace them

                And create something better.


Opher – 2.5.2019

If only we could find the right people who are not motivated by a lust for power, who really care about us, who really care about the world.

I know they are out there.

They wouldn’t put themselves first.

They would not allow themselves to be bought and sold, frightened or warned off.

They would do what is right.

The wealthy would not control them.

Then the world could be a better place – not just run for profit.

Poetry – Change


Walking on the soil. Breathing the air.

Dreaming the dreams.

Thinking the thoughts.

Watching the horrors.

Seeing the slaughter.

Hearing the screams.

Wishing for change.

Eating the food. Driving the cars.

Living the life.

Loving the life.

Shooting the children.

Chopping the trees.

Slaughtering the creatures

Not caring to change.

Opher 28.10.2018

It seems to me that there are many of us who see what’s going on, don’t like it and want things to change. There are many who are quite comfortable in their lives and are prepared to ignore the environmental devastation, war, poverty and exploitation just as long as their lives are fine.

The real problem is how to change it? How to motivate the complacent and uncaring?

You don’t get anything done by wishing.

Poetry – Change


Got any change Mister?

Change is all there is

In this fragile life

Nothing real can stay

Our atoms stick

Then melt and part

And travel on their way

Opher 27.5.99

There was this kid with his obligatory dog and sleeping bag at the side of the pavement asking for change. That is what set my mind going.

All this universe knows is change. The laws of thermo-dynamics are going flat out.

We’ll all be dust!

Sometimes I think the rate of change in our society is madness. My Grandmothers grew up in a world that had dirt roads, gas lights, horse and carts and no cars. They lived to see men on the moon and space-stations.

The world we live in is changing so much as the world population spirals to seven billion on its way to ten, the forests disappear and wilderness is destroyed. Progress can be extremely negative.