Poetry – Peace and Comfort

Peace and Comfort

Peace and comfort –

A mere interlude.

Yet it feels permanent

Though it is fleeting.

Change is reality.

All that is calm

Is destined

To become turbulent.

But every storm passes

And can leave

A glorious serenity

In its wake.

We have spent our life in the eye of such a storm.

It is incumbent on us

To appreciate every moment,

Make the most of every opportunity,

Appreciate every last instant,

Of our good fortune.

Already hands are at work

To stir the winds

And smash our ships

Upon the rocks.

Reality is nearly upon us,

For we live

Within a fragile eye.

Opher – 14.10.2019

For seventy years our cities have been built in peace. They have not burnt.

For seventy years the imperfections of the UN, the EU and NATO have maintained a delicate peace.

Through trade, collaboration, travel and partnership we have held back the xenophobic racism of our own nature.

All around the turbulence rages and has not touched us.

Now the glue is being melted and all that has maintained this fragile unreality is dissolving.

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