Poetry – Reasons


It the face of eternity

It is only human to seek reasons.

When there are none to be found

We can always invent them.

Our brain has evolved

To interpret patterns,

Find answers,

Seek solutions.

When faced with infinity

We are unable to see it

As anything other

Than finity.

We invent beginnings

Ends and continuations

Where none


Our limitations

Dictate our dogma

And create a range

Of irrational beliefs.

Opher – 14.10.2019

It seems to me that we are entering a new age of irrationality. Superstition and irrational thought is on the rise hand in hand with extremism, isolation and retraction.

Instead of reaching out confidently to investigate the unknown we are retracting back into ourselves and looking to unsubstantiated beliefs to give us solace.

The Dark Ages are descending.

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