Captain Beefheart – Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback  – Progress report!

The good news is that I have today completed the first draft of the book. It is due out in July next year!

It presently weighs in at 230 pages but that might change.

I am about to embark on editing. I will be adding in snippets of information and altering parts. I will be shortening, lengthening and altering.

I will hunt out mistakes, add in facts, put my views, cite my experience and try to make it read smoothly.

I want it to be both definitive and fun.

The Captain was a man who deserves the best. I will do my utmost to deliver.

I’m now working on the photos before I start back in on the editing.

If anybody has photos that they would like to contribute then please contact me!

Thanks everybody!!