Human (at our best)

Human (at our best)

Collecting dreams;

                Changing scenes to words.

Playing with letters

                We have imagined,

                                To make new dreams.

Drawing lines

                On paper

To create images in mands.

Taking photos

                We pretend

                                Are real.

Plucking strings,

                Banging drums

                                In rythms.

Moving bodies

                To express

                                And feel.

For tales, art, music and dance

                Are what it means

                                To be human.

It’s universal.

Opher – 6.11.2023

At our best we paint and draw, tell tales around campfires, make music, dance and sing together. We adorn, we decorate and we create.

All over the world we are the same.

At our best we create.

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