On Track – Bob Dylan 1962-1970 – The Afterword Review

On Track – Bob Dylan 1962-1970

07/08/2023 by Bargepole 9 Comments

Author:Opher Goodwin

The sixties isn’t my favourite run of Dylan albums – I’m more of a seventies sort of guy – but it does contain some of my favourite Dylan songs – Visions of Johanna, Chimes of Freedom, It’s Alright Ma, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue to pluck out a few – in fact I’d forgotten just how many there are, and a good best of compilation or Spotify playlist covering these years is essential listening while reading this book.. Of course, there have been plenty of books analysing every word of Dylan’s lyrics, but this does a fine job of providing a potted history of the songs written in that period without getting bogged down in too much detail and interpretation. One thing the book has done is made me relisten to those albums again. I really enjoyed this one, well written and put together and ideal for the more casual fan of Dylan.

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Bob Dylan 1962 to 1970 On Track (Decades) by Opher Goodwin (amazon.co.uk)

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