Controversy with Neil – Free Trade Barriers

Free Trade Barriers

I’m all for removing all barriers to trade and movement. I am aware of the difficulties involved. At present the grotesque inequalities of economics would result in mass migration from impoverished countries to wealthier countries. Then we have the effects of global warming and parts of the world becoming too hot and uninhabitable.

However, it is not beyond the wit of man to solve both of these problems.

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One thought on “Controversy with Neil – Free Trade Barriers

  1. I too want to remove all barriers to trade and movement. Those barriers are put in place by political states and their elites. They are used to foment the silly ideology of nationalism (you call it “tribalism”) that seeks to make people worship the state, instead of seeing it for what it is, the root of all our problems.

    Can you name 10 parts of the world which were habitable 50 years ago, but now aren’t, because of higher temperatures?

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