Controversy with Neil – Downers (People who want to control and impose)

Downers (People who want to control and impose)

Yes I agree that we have far too many politicians who are greedy elitists, who think of nothing but themselves and want to produce laws to shackle the rest of us. (Thus, they seek to get made bad and oppressive laws, with which to drain and to rule over people, and to impose their agenda and ideology on everyone. Thus, once Downers are in control, ethics goes out of the window, and so do human rights.)

We’ve seen this with populist right-wingers all over the world – Trump, Johnson, Oban, Modi, Erdogan, Melononi and the others. They seek to gain power, enrich themselves, enrich the wealthy whose money put them in power and pass laws to destroy any opposition.

We’ve had far too much of this populist nonsense.

But not all politicians are downers. You lump them all together. They are not the same. Some are better than others.

For instance – by definition the Tories are downers. They were formed by wealthy businessmen (all men) who wanted a party to look after their interests and keep the people down. That’s what they have been doing ever since – disguised by lies, propaganda and with forced concessions.

However, the Labour socialist movement was formed out of the trade union movement in order to protect the rights of ordinary people. The original politicians were not there out of greed or elitism but to look after working people. They were idealists and definitely UPPERS.

True that in order to gain power and in order to get anything done in a capitalist system where all the money is tied up with the wealthy Tory-backing establishment, they have had to play a game. They have had to water down policies and play to markets. They have also suffered at the hands of the Tory-owned media propaganda machine which has proved crucial in elections.

Many in the Labour Party are now watered down Tories and hence Downers, but some aren’t; they are still idealistic UPPERS. They want to make life better for the average person.

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