Fed on Garbage – a poem

Fed on Garbage – a poem

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Fed on Garbage

Fed on garbage

Unable to think.

Crammed full of lies

From the fetid stink.

Gameshow and reality TV

Soaps and distractions

In the land of the free.

Controlled by the ruling faction

All the way to death

Right from the first contraction.

Manipulated and fed the fake

By a bunch of greedy bastards

On the take.

Opher 17.6.2018

We’re all brought up to be good consumers and not to think. They don’t want anybody upsetting the apple cart. They like it as it is. The establishment are quite happy keeping everybody distracted while they are busy raking in the profits.

It’s cheap to keep people quiet.

Roll out the computer games, ratchet up the drugs. Produce the TV shows and soaps.

Keep ‘em quiet.

There’s money to be made.

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