Absurd, Ridiculous and Arrogant

Absurd, Ridiculous and Arrogant

Ridiculous aristocrats.

                Ridiculous hierarchy.

Ridiculous royalty.

                Same old malarkey.

Absurd etiquette.

                Absurd dress.

Absurd manners.

                Nothing less.

Ruling the country.

                Ruling the land.

Ruling over us. 

                Ain’t life grand?

Truly arrogant.

                Truly superior.

Truly toffee-nosed.

                Totally peculiar.

Effete elite,

                Fay fobs,

Fancy dandies,

                Tarnished knobs.

Opher – 2.1.2023

I was watching Versailles last night – the dress, manners and ridiculous etiquette of the French aristocracy. Even though the series is probably nowhere near true to life it did leave me with a sense of bewilderment as to how such a bunch of twerps ever got to rule. For in among the production and inflated story-line one could see how the aristocracy of Europe really did live.

More money than sense – my mother would say.

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